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The New York Times last year reported that there were more than sixty times as many Farmville farmers than there were real farmers in the US. That’s a pretty amazing figure.  But it’s not hard to believe, especially if you’re a Facebook user.  Farmville is everywhere: in the news, all over Facebook, there’s not a place to turn where Farmville doesn’t make an appearance.Farmville >>> Special Offer   Get a $100 FREE Gift Card <<<

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The game is a simulation of farming life with lots of gaming extras.  Your challenge is to raise bigger and better crops. Of course it’s not that simple.  There are many kinds of crops and they all grow under different conditions, and you have to get those conditions just right, or you’re in trouble.

Your assets are experience and skills, as well as a range of things like fertilisers and seeds, which you must either earn through the game or buy with your credit card.  Because the game’s so addictive, it’s easy to get hooked into topping up your game cash, and that’s what makes this Special Offer so attractive.  How would you like to.
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Because Farmville is played in real time, it requires careful watching.  When it’s time to harvest your cotton, you either cut it or lose it.  No point complaining that you weren’t around at the time.

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Farmville >>> Special Offer   Get a $100 FREE Gift Card <<<There is a way around that though, and this is one of the points of Farmville.  It’s the hottest game on Facebook, after all, so the social networking aspect is important.  If you’re not going to be around when your precious crop is ready to harvest, you can ask an online friend to take care of it for you.  Naturally they’ll want some goods or services in return, and that’s how the game can become fiercely competitive.  Of course there’s a third option, and that’s to pay and then you’ll need your card again.  But not your credit card if you Get a $100 FREE Gift Card right here in this great Special Offer.

The reason Farmville is so successful is because it extends and exploits the social networks within Facebook.  Often the course of the game will reflect the changing relationships among Facebook users.  Alliances can be formed or feuds played out, everything that happens between people on Facebook is reflected in the way the game is played.

Farmville is strongly addictive.  As with all good games, there’s always something just around the corner to keep you playing.  Anyone who plays it knows how hard it is to find a natural point where you can pause in the game for a meal, a day at work or school.  It just doesn’t happen.  And that’s why it’s good idea to take up this Special Offer and Get a $100 FREE Gift Card here.  Just think how handy it would be to cover your losses when you’ve had a bad couple of days.

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