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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<The fourth game in the fantastically successful Call of Duty series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, was progressively released for different consoles between 2007 and 2009. Later that year, Activision released the fifth game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to huge critical success.

The game, as practically everyone must know given the popularity of the series, is a first person shooter which simulates war situations.  It’s been so successful that there’s even been a series of comic books based on one of the characters from the game.  You can Get Your FREE Copy In Here and check out Call od Duty Modern Warfare 2 for yourself.  I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The new edition has a major innovation in its cooperative gameplay mode.  In this mode, called Special Ops, you undertake a series of independent missions in some of the locations from the campaign mode.  These can be played alone, but they really shine in a two-player game, either off or on line. Each of the five groups of missions in Special Ops can be played at three different levels of difficulty and you win stars for successfully completing a mission.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<The online multiplayer game in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is more familiar from the earlier editions, with experience points earned for completing certain tasks. Additional skills are earned by completing set numbers of consecutive skills.  There’s good range of non-playable characters to interact with, keeping the game play interesting.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was a pretty hard act to follow, but Activision have pulled it off with this high-excitement adventure full of thrilling moments and edge-of-the-seat action.  It’s a real charge as you blast your way through enemies and obstacles.  This is the best selling Xbox 360 game of all time and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 really packs on the action and becomes even more epic.


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The campaign in the new game is short, probably no more than five hours for a good player.  This may seem short for a major game, but it’s non-stop action with fierce combat situations and seriously blockbuster set pieces.  It’s really exciting and really satisfying, full of dark side stories and unpredictable outcomes to missions.  While maintaining the tension, it’s full of dark humour and one scenario which involves going undercover into a terrorist cell is maybe one of the most dark and disturbing sequences in gaming history.  This is a sequence in which you, as hero, really lose your innocence and there’s a dark moral tone to the game from that time on.  It’s one of the few times in a war game that I’ve actually had to think about the actions that I’m playing, and the realism in this game is too good to let you pass it off as just a bit of nonsense.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<

For me, that’s what makes Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 so deeply satisfying and when you Get Your FREE Copy In Here, I’m sure you’ll have the same response.

Madden 11 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<


Madden 11 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<If you’re a football fan and a gamer, you’re probably already a fan of Madden 11, or at least some earlier instalments of the Madden football series.  If not, then you better start playing Madden 11 soon, and the best way to start is to Get Your FREE Copy In Here.

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Madden 11 has some pretty neat new features such as GameFlow, a new system for play calling and Online Team Play, a new gameplay mode, along with plenty of other innovations.  Some gamers had complained that earlier versions of the game were overcomplicated to play without being satisfying enough.  The developers have tackled those issues head on in the new version and, from the time it was released in August 2010, this game has attracted a whole new fan base.  The makers promised this version would be simpler, quicker and deeper, and they’ve managed to pull that off very successfully.  Gone are the complexities and details which tried to imitate every last feature of football and which proliferated in each new edition, leaving newcomers a very difficult task in learning the game.

Madden 11 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<What’s amazing in Madden 11, is that while being simpler and easier to play, it actually has a more realistic feel and much more closely resembles real football.  That’s partly been achieved with a double stick control which allows all kinds of fancy footwork and movements which really add realism to the game.  And it helps it to look really, really cool on the brilliant visuals which have always been a part of Madden.  The developers have also got rid of the turbo setting which was not always fast enough in response.  Now the game’s artificial intelligence takes care of appropriate speed adjustments.

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Motion control in the game is really superb.  These players look real and play with a level of elegance and strength that makes you believe in them.  And there’s lots of detail going on as you’ll see when you hit the replay button.  Check out for yourself how well this Madden 11 works when you Get Your FREE Copy In Here.

Madden 11 >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<

The GameFlow feature is an amazing innovation which really cuts the time that was spent on play calling in the older versions.  It was the play calling system, which had reached an awesome level of complication by the last Madden game, which tended to put newcomers off.  This wasn’t because they didn’t appreciate the complexity of the system, but simply because it took to long to properly come to grips with.  And if you’re a real football freak, you can always turn GameFlow off and do the job yourself the old way.  But Madden 11 has clearly steered the game in the direction of mainstream football fans who just want some entertainment and that made this version much more accessible and appealing to the casual player. You can decide for yourself how Madden 11 shapes up when you Get Your FREE Copy In Here.  One things sure, you’ll get hours of fun from it.

Red Dead Redemption >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<

Red Dead Redemption >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<It’s now almost a year since Red Dead Redemption was released for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In that time it’s just gone from strength to strength.  And that’s what it deserves.  There has to be a reason it won so many Game of the Year Awards and citations from reviewers.  This action and adventure wild West game is set in 1911 in the dying days of the Old West.  It has superb visuals, great music, open world gameplay and a thoroughly absorbing story.  Developers Rockstar shipped more than two million copies in the first two months on the market.


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It has to be said that this is an intelligent game, using the retro setting of the Old West to reflect today’s society with issues like immigration, federal versus state power and racism all playing a part in the game.  This gives the game a sense of authenticity, without ever being preachy or sledgehammer relevant.

Red Dead Redemption >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<You play John Marston, a former outlaw who’s trying to outrun his past.  Your enemies are trying to catch up with you as you fight your way through the lawless Wild West looking for your future.  There’s a huge cast of interesting supporting characters, all beautifully animated and with excellent voice performances.  The interaction between these characters and you is rich and complex, providing plenty of red herrings but steadily guiding you to the shattering climax of the game.  There’s more than twenty hours of gameplay here for an average to good player and it’s not a straight line.  The many excursions along the way to the climax provide a varied and satisfying experience.  Check it for yourself when you Get Your FREE Copy In Here and discover why Red Dead Redemption is such a popular game.

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Red Dead Redemption would at first seem an unlikely hit game.  The peak in popularity of Western movies was a long time ago, but this game provides modern sensibilities and explores topical issues within its retro setting.  But gamers are a discerning lot and this game was an unqualified megahit from the day it was released.

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The game environment is simply amazing.  This is a Wild West with wild animals, including snakes, coyotes, deer and bison, as well as human predators like escaped convicts and highwaymen just to keep you on your toes and distracted from the main mission.  There’s plenty of casual cowboy work to be picked up along the way or you can ride shotgun on a stagecoach.  And all the time the character of John Marston is clearly explained and motivated as he fights for an honest future against forces that are often beyond his control.  There’s only one character you can rely on to be honest in this game, and that’s you.  Get Your FREE Copy In Here and start playing Red Dead Redemption today.

Halo Reach >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<

Halo Reach >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<The last episode of Halo, the popular first person shooter developed by Bungie for the Xbox, was released in September 2010 and grossed 200 million dollars on its first day.  That says something for the success of the series and also for the anticipation for this prequel which brings it to a close.  As soon as the game was announced a year earlier, Halo fans were chomping at the bit to get their hands on what was expected to be a masterpiece.  They weren’t disappointed.  Reviewers generally agreed it was the best Halo game ever, and that’s really saying something.  And you can have Halo Reach completely free right now, so Get Your FREE Copy In Here.

Halo Reach, the prequel to the series, is set in 2552 when the Covenant discovers the planet reach and it becomes the setting for the final stand to save humanity.  The game play involves the assault on the alien war machine and you’re part of the Noble Team, an elite platoon who takes the enemy on face-to-face.


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This iteration of Halo is big and ambitious without over-reaching itself.  As Noble 6, you’ll be at the front of all the action in this thrilling campaign to save the human race.  Long-term fans of Halo have a real emotional investment in the series and they’re certainly not disappointed in this exciting and satisfying gameplay.  Friendships have been forged and broken over this game and nothing in this final instalment is going to change.  The multiplayer play is exciting and brings players into close interaction as they propel Halo Reach >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<themselves through the story.  Single players also are able to completely lose themselves in this game as they explore all the avenues of the story.  It’s a fitting end to a decade of Halo development.  Do yourself a favour and Get Your FREE Copy In Here so you can play Halo Reach yourself.

Halo Reach is a game for Xbox fanatics.  It takes full advantage of the console’s power to deliver a game that is familiar from earlier Halo editions but builds on them to finish the series on a note of absolute triumph.

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As Noble Six, you’re the newest member of the Noble Team and you set off on what should be a simple mission on Reach before uncovering an enemy invasion.  The complex story and richly detailed game play take Halo to a whole new level of sophistication here, something that would have seemed almost impossible.  There are lots of new weapons and armour upgrades, which add greatly to the interest in a single player game, but really come into their own in multiplayer games by exponentially increasing the variations and permutations in player skills and ability which make for satisfying play.

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The upgraded game engine has also allowed some extremely fast and complex set pieces which are more challenging than anything ever seen in either Halo or any other game.  Rush in to Get Your FREE Copy In Here and discover the complex pleasures of Halo Reach.

GET a FREE Xbox 360 Move >>> Special Online Offer <<<

If you’re a serious gamer, it’s pretty hard to overlook Microsoft’s Xbox 360.  It’s been around for a while now and most of us have had a chance to GET a FREE Xbox 360 Move >>> Special Online Offer <<<play with it, and it just gets better and better with each new model.  With the Wii being pretty underpowered for a serious gaming machine, PlayStation 3 is the only serious competition, but the Xbox 350 has it thrashed on a couple of major features. First of all, it’s got great graphics that will really have your eyes popping.  Some of the early models had problems, but the new Xbox 360 gave Microsoft a chance to really get things right, and they did.  What’s more, in this Special Online Offer right here, you actually have a chance to GET a FREE Xbox 360 Move and check it out for yourself.

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When you do, you’ll be really delighted.  The machine is fast and powerful, with a 250 GB hard drive. This long overdue update has also cleaned up the design of the box, which is now basic black and slightly smaller than the older models, while retaining a familiar look and feel.

GET a FREE Xbox 360 Move >>> Special Online Offer <<<Inside, the new machine has certainly moved up a level or two.  One of the most significant updates is the addition of WiFi as standard, and this is probably the single feature which has done most to propel the Xbox 360 into the lead ahead of the Playstation.  Gamers who want better connectivity will also be please to see the new optical digital link as well.  Of course, in addition, there is a standard range of ports – Ethernet and HDMI.

The cooling system has also been redesigned to cope with the more compact design.  That’s one contributing factor to the “whisper quiet” operation which has been a big selling point for Microsoft.  The disc drive is also quieter.  You can hear this for yourself if you take advantage of this Special Online Offer to GET a FREE Xbox 360 Move.

The hard drive system is completely new, with a 250 GB storage drive standard.  If you need more storage, Microsoft has added support for USB external drives.  The internal drive is accessed through the bottom of the box and the new position is obviously designed to assist in silencing it. The capacitive touch button controls are also new and are very sensitive, giving an excellent response which the Xbox signals with a chime.

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Microsoft has paid attention to data migration if you’re upgrading.  You can either move it by USB or simply swap over your old hard drive.

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This is clearly the best Xbox Microsoft has made so far and the new features make it worth upgrading if you have an older model.  It’s also a better gaming machine than the Playstation, so, if you’re serious about gamin, you really shouldn’t pass up on this Xbox.  Especially when you can GET a FREE Xbox 360 Move in this Special Internet Offer right here.  That’s really an offer you can’t refuse.

Fallout New Vegas >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<

Fallout New Vegas is a game with a strange history.  It was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a company mainly drawn from the former employees of Black Isle Studios, the subsidiary of Interplay Entertainment which developed Fallout 1 and 2. After Interplay dropped Black Isle and handed Fallout 3 over to Bethesda Game Studios, most of the original developers of the Fallout series developed Fallout New Vegas in their new venture.

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That history has resulted in a strange discontinuity in the series.  While Fallout New Vegas includes some of the gaming elements of the third game in the series, the characters and story in fact carry on from where Fallout 2 left off.

The new game is a role-player with some first-person shooter elements incorporated into it. It looks good, Fallout New Vegas >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<as it should, using an updated version of the Fallout 3 engine and the gameplay is satisfyingly complex.  The combination of role play and shooter is well balanced.  Fighting strategy is a rich mix of skills and tactics with chance playing a much smaller role than it does in Fallout 3.

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In the game, you’re a courier working for the Mojave Express and have to deliver a platinum poker chip to New Vegas.  Of course you’re ambushed by a casino leader who steals the chip and shoots you in the head.  You’re saved from a shallow grave by a robot who brings you to a godlike doctor who revives and reconstructs you.  In a clever twist on character creation, you dictate the way you’re reconstructed and the qualities your new incarnation will have.

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The story which you now play through has multiple branches according to the choices you make and involves your involvement in a faction war among the casinos in New Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<This is one of the best post-apocalyptic games around, presenting a very believable post nuclear holocaust wasteland and it is fall of inventive twists and turns in the story. You’ll love Fallout Las Vegas and you’d be foolish to pass up the opportunity to Get Your FREE Copy Here.

Fallout New Vegas is a really rich roleplay game.  The nuclear wasteland surrounding the barely-surviving city of New Vegas is stunning and there is a huge range of friends and enemies, terrifying mutant creature and high-tech weaponry.  The game is full of very dramatic twists and turns as you fight and strategize your way through to the ending, which is fixed, unlike the rather unsatisfactory open ending of Fallout 3.  The game has plenty of material and alternative storylines to provide many hours of play and replay.

If you are a fan of the Fallout series, and especially the first two, you’ll really want to get in an play this new version, particularly as it has incorporated many of the enhanced gameplay features of the third game.  Don’t miss out on Fallout New Vegas: Get Your FREE Copy In Here now.

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