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GET a FREE Nintendo DSi XL >>> Special Online Offer <<The Nintendo DSi XL is an upgrade of Nintendo’s DSi, first released in 2008.  This seventh-generation machine is a premium small game console, obviously intended to rival the PlayStation Portable. With its excellent features, it easily outdoes the Sony rival and has become a firm favourite, especially for a slightly older generation of game players who like the portability of this powerful little beast.

The machine has earned positive reviews everywhere and has proved hugely popular with players upgrading from earlier models.  This is really portable gaming’s coming of age.  The old pocket-sized Nintendo has finally grown up.

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the unit has really nice, chunky feel and when you open it, the two giant, brightly-lit screens really hit you in the eye.  The 4.2 inch screens are less than an inch bigger than those on their predecessor, but this is really a quantum leap in visual power.  The quality is excellent too, with brilliant clarity and really vivid colours.  Games you know on the big screen are going to come just as alive on this portable machine thanks to these really striking displays.  And of course, that makes for really good precision in game play.  The increase in console size also allows for bigger speakers and so games have much more audio impact.  It also means that the buttons are better spaced, which makes for a more comfortable gaming experience. But best of all is this Special Online Offer which means that you can GET a FREE Nintendo DSi XL right here.

GET a FREE Nintendo DSi XL >>> Special Online Offer <<You really need to check out this new Nintendo DSi.  Although the the internal specifications have hardly changed, this feels like a whole new generation in terms of game feel, thanks largely to these brilliant screens.  The Nintendo DSi XL even looks better, with its slick finish on top and rough base which gives seriously improved grippability.

There’s really no one better than Nintendo when it comes to practical hardware.  This little machine is built to take the kind of rough treatment that goes hand in hand with portability.  You can carry it everywhere without worrying that slight knocks and bumps are going to brick it.  And you have a chance to own one completely free in this Special Online Offer, so GET a FREE Nintendo DSi XL here.

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GET a FREE Nintendo DSi XL >>> Special Online Offer <<

When I read about the minimally upgraded specs of this machine, I thought it was just a marketing ploy by Nintendo to sell a few upgrades to gamers who have more money than sense.  But as soon as I tried one of these units, I knew I was dealing with a significantly better machine.  There’s real satisfaction in the more solid feel, the easier to handle buttons and especially the bigger brighter screens than the smaller Nintendo DSi and the extra twenty bucks in the price is really not a dealbreaker.  But even the price isn’t going to worry you if you take advantage of this Special Online Offer and GET a FREE Nintendo DSi XL just by clicking here.

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