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After several games set in World War II, the latest in the Medal of Honor series is set in Afghanistan.  You’re a Tier 1 Operator, a member of the most elite unit.  You’ll be in the front line and ahead of it, right where the most critical fighting is going on.  This isn’t a game for the gutless, as you tackle the cruel Taliban on their own turf.  These guys are bad mothers and you need to be knee deep in true grit to cope.

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You start off in the action by making a choice between being a Rifleman, a Sniper or a Special Ops man, then head off into battle through the eight large maps.  The multiplayer game can be played either as in Team Assault mode where the Coalition battles the Insurgents in an all out bloodbath, or you can play Sector Control, where each player attempts to gain control of a small area.  There’s also Combat Mission, where the Coalition have to capture a series of points while the Insurgents try to stop them.  Finally, there’s Hardcore, where all the odds are stocked against the players.

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Medal of Honor >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<Medal of Honor was created and directed by master film director Steven Spielberg and his sure hand is obvious here in this great gameplay. The original console version was one of the best WWII games ever and the series became hugely popular in the computer version for multiplayer network gaming. The gameplay story has all the weight Spielberg brought to it by recreating real stories from real battlefields, and this is what has always given the game its depth.

Now in this new version, your group of covert specialists infiltrate enemy lines to cover and provide intelligence for the Special Ops units.  These guys are bad dudes and the operate outside normal Army lines of command.  As the story unfolds, you get to feel the solidarity of the Tier 1 with their highly sensitive, highly dangerous assignments.  The game never gets stale, introducing new and varied elements as it proceeds.

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With two teams of up to twelve players in multiplayer mode, the action never stops.  And you won’t want to stop playing, so be sure to Get Your FREE Copy in Here, along with your free game console.  All you have to do is enter your email.

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