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Red Dead Redemption >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<It’s now almost a year since Red Dead Redemption was released for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In that time it’s just gone from strength to strength.  And that’s what it deserves.  There has to be a reason it won so many Game of the Year Awards and citations from reviewers.  This action and adventure wild West game is set in 1911 in the dying days of the Old West.  It has superb visuals, great music, open world gameplay and a thoroughly absorbing story.  Developers Rockstar shipped more than two million copies in the first two months on the market.


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It has to be said that this is an intelligent game, using the retro setting of the Old West to reflect today’s society with issues like immigration, federal versus state power and racism all playing a part in the game.  This gives the game a sense of authenticity, without ever being preachy or sledgehammer relevant.

Red Dead Redemption >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<You play John Marston, a former outlaw who’s trying to outrun his past.  Your enemies are trying to catch up with you as you fight your way through the lawless Wild West looking for your future.  There’s a huge cast of interesting supporting characters, all beautifully animated and with excellent voice performances.  The interaction between these characters and you is rich and complex, providing plenty of red herrings but steadily guiding you to the shattering climax of the game.  There’s more than twenty hours of gameplay here for an average to good player and it’s not a straight line.  The many excursions along the way to the climax provide a varied and satisfying experience.  Check it for yourself when you Get Your FREE Copy In Here and discover why Red Dead Redemption is such a popular game.

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Red Dead Redemption would at first seem an unlikely hit game.  The peak in popularity of Western movies was a long time ago, but this game provides modern sensibilities and explores topical issues within its retro setting.  But gamers are a discerning lot and this game was an unqualified megahit from the day it was released.

Red Dead Redemption >>> Get Your FREE Copy In Here <<<

The game environment is simply amazing.  This is a Wild West with wild animals, including snakes, coyotes, deer and bison, as well as human predators like escaped convicts and highwaymen just to keep you on your toes and distracted from the main mission.  There’s plenty of casual cowboy work to be picked up along the way or you can ride shotgun on a stagecoach.  And all the time the character of John Marston is clearly explained and motivated as he fights for an honest future against forces that are often beyond his control.  There’s only one character you can rely on to be honest in this game, and that’s you.  Get Your FREE Copy In Here and start playing Red Dead Redemption today.

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