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GET a FREE PlayStation Move >>> Special Online Offer <<<In the six months since the incredible PlayStation Move has been released, people have been raving about it.  This is really a revolutionary game control system.  This system with its sensors to detect the movements of players and translate to the game is able to establish absolute position, rather than just relative movement as does Nintendo’s Wii. The Move remote wand is about the same size as the Wii remote, but much more sophisticated.

The distinguishing feature of the Move’s black wand is the white sphere on the business end which can be lit from within in different colours.  The sphere is also the key to the feature which sets the Move apart.  It’s designed to be tracked by Sony’s PlayStation Eye, so that Move can be precisely tracked in three dimensions.  The internal accelerometers establish its position relative to the vertical and horizontal axes, while the Eye senses proximity, establishing the third dimension.

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The PlayStation Move is sold as either an extension for the PlayStation 3 or as a complete bundle of a PlayStation 3 with the Move Controller and the PlayStation Eye included.  But in this Special Online Offer, you can actually GET a FREE PlayStation Move just by entering your email here.GET a FREE PlayStation Move >>> Special Online Offer <<<

If you’re a gamer, this is the controller you have to have.  You already know that PlayStation is simply the best home gaming system around and Move has taken it to a new level of gamer experience.  You’re no longer tied to sitting in front of your game machine, getting more stiff and sore the longer you play.  Now you’re liberated by these wireless remote wands and your body movement is part of the game.  PlayStation Move makes gaming truly interactive and you won’t believe the immersive quality of the experience once you start playing.  It’s more instinctive too, as you follow the gameplay on your monitor with Move, becoming part of the game itself and reacting naturally as part of the action.


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Now that you can take advantage of the Special Online Offer to GET a FREE PlayStation Move, you’ll be able to take advantage of this killer new way to game.  Sony has succeeded in making MOVE highly accurate and unbelievably responsive.  It’s a whole new way to play, and there’s no doubt that this is easily the best motion control console yet produced.

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Now that this totally cool game controller has been on the market for half a year, the range of games supporting it has really grown, with all major game producers supporting it.  By the end of 2010, Sony had already shipped more than eight million units and demand has been steadily increasing.

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